Dead Mike Xrays & Surgery Pics

BloodLine.gif (4899 bytes)

Enjoy!  or spew in disgust...

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choice1.jpg (7592 bytes) Mandible Reconstruction

Lot's of gorey, gruesome surgery pictures, all coordinated in a palate pleasing arrangement that's guaranteed to make your stomach churn. 
(Surgery performed Feb. 23, 1998)

choice2.jpg (6890 bytes) Maxilla Reconstruction

Yet more incredibly gross surgery pictures where we see Dead Mike make the strangest face contortions.  All pictures taste tested to please. 
(Surgery performed May 27, 1998)

choice7.jpg (5782 bytes) Patellar Tendon Replacement   new

Will it never end?  My body is an endless source of visual expression.  Here I prove that my leg can be as equally tasty as my head. 
(Surgery performed Dec. 9, 1998)

choice3.jpg (3594 bytes) Head Xrays

Oh yeah!  This tells the story from the first day of the accident to current day.  We see everything smashed and we see everything repaired.

choice4.jpg (8190 bytes) Knee Xrays

The knees, hmmm.  Here are Dead Mike's (not quite so) bionic knees.  The first point of impact, both knees and femurs took a brutal beating from the 30 mph collision with the runway.   Who put that planet there?!

choice5.jpg (3590 bytes) Foot Xrays

While not as exciting as the other xrays, my right foot was also broken and required some hardware to fix the problem.   I guess I must've jammed the big toe or something, since the break was a small fracture at the first joint.  But the real surprise is behind this link!

choice6.jpg (5207 bytes) Surgical Vital Signs

How many surgeries have you had?  How many more surgeries are there?  What's the next surgery?  How many plates are in your head?

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