Dead Mike Surgical Stats
Total Surgeries
August 3, 1997 thru December 9, 1998
15 and counting...
1 emergency (Quincy)
2 debriment of femurs (Quincy)
1 orthopaedic, knees (Quincy)
1 face, eyes, nose (Quincy)
1 mandible external fixator (Quincy)
1 orthopaedic, left elbow (Quincy)
1 debriment of femurs (Houston)
1 orthopaedic, both knees (Houston)
1 ortho, left patellar tendon (Houston)
1 hardware removal, elbow (Houston)
1 mandible reconstruction (Houston)
1 maxilla reconstruction (Houston)
1 hardware removal, foot (Houston)
Surgeries Remaining 2-3 (within the next year)
1 orthopaedic, right knee
removal of 12 inch plate,
clean up of knee cartilage/miniscus
1 orthopaedic, left knee
repair anterior crucia and other ligaments, if required
1 oral
dental implants

Down the road
2 orthopaedic, both knees
cartilage replacement
knee replacement
Last Surgery
December 9, 1998
Left knee
removal of 6 inch plate,
removal of 11 screws securing plate,
removal of 3 screws and wire in kneecap,
removal of kneecap (no replacement),

replace patellar tendon with achilles tendon from cadaver; attach it directly to the quadricep muscle

Recovery period:
8 weeks initial, 1-2+ years long term
Therapy on knee: 6+ months
Next Surgery
March/April 1999
Right knee
removal of 6 inch plate,
removal of 11 screws securing plate,
removal of bones spurs and other cleanup

Recovery period:
6-8 weeks initial, 1-2 years for screw holes to fill in
Therapy on knee: 1-2 month
Plates around 20
17 or so microplates in face
1 plate, 6 inches, in right knee
1 massive jaw plate
Screws around 88
54 microscrews in face
11 screws right knee
23 screws in jaw
Hardware Removed 1 - 3 inch plate from left elbow
5 screws from left elbow
1 - 6 inch plate from left knee
11 screws securing plate to femur
3 screws securing left kneecap fragments
1.5 screws from right foot (1/2 broke in foot)
Nerve Damage Right Frontal Lobe Edema (100% recovery)
Left median nerve (getting better)
Left radial nerve (getting better)
Left ulnar nerve (getting better)
Right radial nerve (100% recovery)
Right median nerve (100% recovery)
Left nostril numb
Right side of jaw numb
Bottom lip mostly numb
Loss of some taste due to surgery
Both knees at lateral incisions
Therapy 10 months of aquatic therapy, more on the way
Continuous self-paced weight training