Dead Mike's Maxilla Reconstruction

As we join Dead Mike's reconstruction we see the doctors deciding upon their treatment plan.   Let's look in...

treatmentPlan.jpg (7649 bytes) Preparation is the key to success!  Here we see the final treatment plan cut on a model of my maxilla prior to it actually being performed on me.  The first treatment plan had the maxilla being cut along the dark lines, cutting it into 3 pieces.

Only thing was, the first route had a problem with that small upper portion, which was designed to move a single tooth into alignment; it would have poor blood circulation and small surface area left, putting it at risk of not healing properly.

The surgeons thus decided to remove the tooth instead, and make one vertical cut, dividing the maxilla into two pieces.   These pieces were moved inward and forward a few centimeters.

upperMandibleXray.jpg (6568 bytes)

maxilla1.jpg (32282 bytes)

In the xray above, we can see the three teeth removed highlighted in blue.  I had two wisdom teeth that were smashed too far back to be usefully moved.  The third tooth, a canine, was removed as explained above.

Highlighted in yellow we can see the micro-plates which are actually in view in the photo to the right.

Above right we see my mouth being stretched big time.  My gum, just above my teeth, has been cut and my lip pulled back to reveal the plates highlighted above. (It still hurts)