Dead Mike's knees
(and the plates from hell)
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 My right knee

In the center, between the groups of screws, is a fist sized graft of donor bone.  This bone graft, which came from a human cadaver, is ground up into a crouton size.

Basically, when my legs impacted the cement runway, my femur exploded.  One eyewitness thought I had padding in my jumpsuit, but it was actually my own bone marrow!

Notice on both legs the unnatural alignment of the femur shaft to the head (top of knee joint)

My left knee

Similar to my right leg, this one suffered more damage as it was the first point of contact with the tarmac.  Notice the femur shaft is centered more.

The impact shattered my kneecap and disconnected my patellar tendon; it connects the bottom of your kneecap to your shin and is the strongest tendon in the body. It was later reattached and the wire is to relieve tension from it.

The result of the unnatural alignment of the femur shaft to head is slightly more bowed legs.