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The jump you save may be your own.
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Muthers Against Dead Divers (MADD) is more than just a bunch of angry muthers keeping dead people from skydiving. We're real people, lawyers, politicians, heads-of-state and other individuals with a lot of money that buys influence. We are determined to stop dead skydivers and to exploit free beer.

Please stay alive, don't risk losing another jump!

news.gif (5120 bytes) Spring 1999
MADD Teams with Recording Artists to Honor  Dead Skydivers
Several well-known recording artists such as Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Janis Joplin have compiled a collection of songs recognizing MADD's relentless work to keep dead people from skydiving. Compiled by the BigAssed Hill label, the album, simply titled Hymm, is scheduled for release just prior to Muthers Day; with MADD board of directors and close friends using the money to party and jump alot.

"We think it is particularly fitting that we got these artists to do the album since they all want to skydive," states the head Muther, "but they can't.   They're dead!"
MADD, Rodent Entertaiment Release New Sex Education Videos
Rodent Entertainment brings foreplay and sex tips home through the All Skydiving Sex Series of six videos featuring well known skydiver sex stars such as Deep Chute, Airlock Chambers and Long Pud Silver. These videos feature specific demonstrations and instructions of sexual techniques and foreplay skills to use while skydiving.

A specially-packaged version of the series, called Diving: Muff to Sky, is sold exclusively at Jmart stores across the nation.
New AAD Uses CD-ROM Technology
The new AAD, code named Not My Ass, will feature an interactive CD-ROM program that guides skydivers through a discussion about the serious repercussions of not deploying the parachute. Information will focus on the deadly consequences of mixing high speed, bodies and dirt. While still in it's development, it is anticipated that the skydiver will receive an interactive discussion of possible courses of action if they are descending too quickly through an unsafe altitude.

Says sources close to the project, "We are still trying to figure out how to fit the PC in the reserve compartment. But once past that we feel the rest will be a piece of cake."

Windows 95/NT, Macintosh and Solaris versions will be the first to be delivered in first quarter 1999.

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We mean no disrespect to the real MADD which serves an important role in curbing drunk driving.