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August-September 1999
The Dead Mike Webcam
See Dead Mike hard at work.  Or, maybe peek in to see if he's nodding off...
Kwik-Search by Dead Mike
Kwik-Search is the power users dream! A web search tool designed for the way you search. Multiple, simultaneous searching from over 250 of the internets best information services. MP3s, stock tracking, portals, mutimedia, US Gov.t, and many more categories.


December 1998-January 1999
Our new look!  I've unveiled a newer streamlined, on the edge of the 21st Century website.  I hope you enjoy it!
Dead Mike Tendon Surgery
Fads come and fads go.  See Dead Mike take body piercing one step further.
More Dead Mike Videos
I managed to get in a total of 5 solo jumps before my last surgery.  See these headdown dives right here.  Let me tell you, it's like I never left!
Frequently Asked Questions
Well, you've asked lots of questions and I've attempted to answer the most common ones, with more being added all the time.  Find out what really happened!


October-November 1998
Dead Mike Tshirts
Be the first one on your DZ to own a really kewl Dead Mike tshirt.
These high quality tees will help me defray medical expenses!!
Dead Mike Returns to the Sky!
That's correct!  I've made several jumps since the accident!  Read about them and see the streaming videos!

         requires RealPlayer
Dead Mike Does Bridge Day
A totally interactive guide to my experience at Bridge Day in mid October. Can you say BASE jump (off a bridge)?

This uses alot of Dynamic HTML (the kewl stuff).
         requires Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape Communicator 4.0+ or AOL 4.0
Dead Mike has more Surgery
I've added some new xrays and put up some technical info about my surgeries, including dates and interesting facts.