Dead Mike Head Xrays

Once and for all it is decided, I do have a brain, although you really can't see it in any of these xrays.  I did get plenty of CAT scans, but I haven't photographed those yet.

What we see here is my head directly after the accident.  Absolutely no reconstructive work has been performed.

My lower mandible and maxillo were completely smashed, blocking my airway.  Eyewitnesses reported to me that I was making "gurgling" sounds.  The first thing the paramedics did when they got to me was to establish a way for me to breath by performing a tracheostomy.

You can see on the right side the angle of the jaw bone that remained intact is greater than on the left side, while the comlete bottom portion of my jaw is totally disintegrated.  Actually, on the right bottom quadrant you can just make out something that looks curved.

I also broke my temporomandibular joint (TMJ) on both sides, which makes me likely to suffer from TMJ disease (TMJD).  I already can't open my mouth all the way and it hurts when I try, so there you have it.

The bottom teeth that weren't lodged in my throat and lungs (the teeth were removed) are completely out of alignment.  At this point I was left with 11 teeth on top and 6 teeth on the bottom.

Right down the middle of my head, directly through the dark spot directly in the middle of my head, you can also see the deviated septum in my nose (it is the line in the middle that curves slightly to the right).  I have difficulty breathing through the right nostril.