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Here my freefly partner Glenn Payne in our team colors, white with black ants and blue with gold stars.

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Glenn and I made our first 250 jumps together, here he is pied for his 1000th jump last year.  He was got good!

My first music video
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Glenn Payne and I started at about the same time at Skydive Spaceland in League City, Texas (just south of Houston 45 minutes).

We had a great time learning to skydive together and made a quick name for ourselves, not in Houston but up at Skydive Dallas (then Aerodrome Skydiving).

We showed up on December 4, 1992 on the coldest and windiest day of the year and we wanted to make a jump.  We had driven up the night before and were locked out of the hangar and slept in my car!

Pat Patton and (then owner) John Mitchell felt so bad for us that they made one jump with us from a low ceiling of 4500 ft in about 35 degrees and 25 mph winds!

Both Glenn and I landed out (me further out under my PEGASUS) and that was all the jumping we got in.  Oh, did I say that it was a $99 all you can jump weekend?

Glenn and I showed up for nearly every $99 boogie. They hosted it each month to celebrate their first year.

As we got better, Glenn seemed to be a natural at the freestyle stuff (as freeflying hadn't been invented yet), so I did a video of him over Lake Anahuac and Nassau Bay, Texas.

I made this video dubbing from one camcorder to the other, pausing and stopping!  It took 4-5 hours, but came out as my best video (not bad for a first video, too!)