My almost last Dive - the Death Dive

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The video is from my point-of-view. Yes! That's correct, I was wearing video. In case you think this is gonna show some blood and guts, guess again. As fate had it, my battery died about 2 minutes prior to my crash.

At the beginning of the video in the plane, on the right hand side behind Lucia you will see a videoman already wearing his big helmet; this is Andy Anderson, the other skydiver I collided with, he was in the group immediately after us. 

If you listen closely at the beginning in the plane, you will hear me ask Lucia, "Do you see the light?"  To which she replies, "Yes, I see the light."   I was not asking some religious question fortelling my own demise, nope, I was asking her if she could see if my video was on by the indicator light.  Then I give her a quick kiss and say, "Have fun!"

As you will see in the video, Lucia and I were doing quite well, even tho she only had 25 HD jumps. At the time I had perhaps 75 HD jumps and we only had jumped this second time together!  You'll here me whoop and holler at her under canopy.

At the end of the dive, my battery runs out and we see it fading as the picture on the digital camera pixelizes and finally turns to black.  Probably not 2 minutes after that, I would almost die.  Oddly enough, I had brought five batteries with me so I would never have a battery go dead on me... Little did I know it was me that would go dead on the batteries!

The girl in the film is Lucia Lloyd-Kolkin and the guy is Al Comini. Lucia was kicking ass, and I remember being very impressed with her great body position! Al is mostly in the background, and I don't remember him much. Believe it or not, I remember this dive, unfortunately, nothing afterwards... Someday I'll jump with them again.

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