... but Mike had another Birthday on Jan 24, 1998

35 and Still Alive!

Personal Interests

Biographical Information

January 24, 1963
I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
February 4, 1974
I arrived in Houston with my father and brother
July 12, 1992
My first skydive at Skydive Spaceland in League City, Texas
July 18, 1992
I started (hee hee) turning into an asshole
August 3, 1997
On jump 1040, I had a near fatal canopy collision at the World Free Fall Convention
January 24, 1998
I turned 35, which is a surprise to me. :^).
July 12, 1998
I plan on making my first rejump into the sport of skydiving (a tandem maybe).
August 7, 1998
World Free Fall Convention starts.  Should I stay or should I go..

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