Do you have insurance?

Oh yes!  You better believe I have insurance!  United Healthcare administers the plan, which is wholly funded by Enron.  Enron 'rides' their own plan since they are big enough to be able to put that money to good use and ensure it meets the needs of it's employees.

Skydiving without insurance is not the best idea, at least not in my case it wouldn't have been.  However, many skydivers don't have any kind of insurance should an accident like this occur.

Not only do I have insurance, but I have the best employer with Enron.  No questions asked, ever.   Every claim paid.  Every doctor I wanted was in the plan.  Just wonderful treatment all the way along.

Most importantly, I have disability insurance.  This is the life saver here.   The medical insurance puts me back together, but I've got a long recovery period when I won't be able to work.  This insurance guarantees that I have income for up to 2 years after the accident.  This was most important of all.