Bridge Day as told by me, Dead Mike

All photos taken using a Kodak DC25 digital camera (except my two BASE pictures)

Dead Mike: first solo after accident, first BASE jump, first water landing...
Kim Kelly jumps!
The masses, the ramp truck and the cage!
A view off the bridge...  whoa, that's a long way down...  not!
It makes you wanna jump off!!
Some crazy french canadian drunk off his ass.  :^)
A beautiful shot from the OLD river crossing.
Damn!  I'm gonna get wet aren't I? Oh yeah!
I'm gonna do it!
The Houston contingent.
The latest in skydiver fashions!
Doc Steve and Brian Button take off a 2 way.
The soft white underbelly.
The Landing Area
The Dry Landing Area. Notice all the rocks in the water and land. The large rock on the far right would prove to have a gravitational pull that some BASE jumpers were unable to combat.
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